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Workout Tracker
Workout Tracker
Workout Tracker
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Workout Tracker
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Workout Tracker

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Track and plan your workouts efficiently with over 5000 exercises and hundreds of free programs.


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Whether your goal is to build muscle, gain strength, or lose weight, Lyfta has got you covered.


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I've seen some serious gains since starting with this app! It's helped me get stronger and more confident in the gym!



This app is a game-changer for getting stronger! The variety of workouts and the easy-to-use interface helped me push my limits and see real gains!



Absolutely love this app for building strength! The workouts keep me challenged, and being able to track my progress helps me see how far I've come!



LYFTA Exercise Library

Browse 5000+ exercises

Bench Press
Triceps Pushdown
Incline Bench Press
Lever Leg Extension
Lateral Raise
Full Squat
Straight Back Seated Row
Barbell Curl
Bent Over Row
One Arm Bent-over Row
Bar Lateral Pulldown
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How does Lyfta support my strength training?
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Can I track my body measurements with Lyfta?
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What makes Lyfta stand out from other workout trackers?

More from our users

This app is my secret weapon for getting stronger. The workouts are challenging, but they've helped me push past my limits and reach new levels of strength!



This app has been my go-to for leveling up my strength. The workouts are intense, and I can feel myself getting stronger with every session!



As someone who's all about getting stronger, this app is exactly what I needed. The exercises are challenging, and I love seeing my progress!



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