Understanding Supersets in Lyfta

By: Lyfta App - 2 min read · 5/7/2024

Understanding Supersets in Lyfta

Supersets are a powerful way to streamline your workouts and push your muscles harder. In Lyfta, a superset groups exercises that you perform back-to-back without a break in between. Think of them as mini-circuits of 2 or more exercises.

Why use Supersets?

  1. Maximize your time: Supersets reduce downtime by letting one muscle group recover while you work another.
  2. Intense workouts: Quickly fatigue a specific muscle group by targeting it with multiple exercises in a row.
  3. Add variety: Break up the monotony of your routine with a burst of different movements.

How Supersets look in Lyfta

Exercises in a superset are marked with a vertical line on the left side, clearly showing they're linked together. Use the "Next" button to seamlessly jump between sets within your superset.

Creating Supersets in Lyfta

Here's how to do it:

  1. Start adding exercises: Tap "Add Exercise" and select the exercises you want in your superset.
  2. Activate Superset mode: Tap the "Superset" button (it might look like two interlinked rings) in the exercise settings menu.

Here's a illustration of how to create a superset in Lyfta:

Workout Tracker
Workout Tracker
Workout Tracker

Important Note: We're working on making superset creation even easier and more intuitive across all devices. Stay tuned for updates!

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