Connect Your Strava to the Ultimate Strength Training App, Lyfta!

By: Lyfta App - 1 min read · 9/29/2023

In the world of fitness, connecting your Strava to a robust strength training app can take your workout regimen to unprecedented heights. If you’re on the hunt for a comprehensive strength training app for Strava, your search ends with Lyfta.

Lyfta and Strava Integration

Amplify Your Fitness Journey with Strava and Lyfta

Lyfta empowers your fitness expedition by seamlessly integrating with Strava, ensuring your strength training milestones are consistently tracked and celebrated. This integration makes Lyfta the go-to strength training app for Strava users, offering a seamless, interconnected fitness experience.

How to Link Your Strava to Lyfta:

  1. Open the Settings in your Lyfta app.
  2. Select “Strava” to begin the effortless connection.

Connect Your Strava to Lyfta Now

Stay active, stay motivated, and keep pushing your limits with the best strength training app for Strava users. Track your progress, achieve your fitness goals, and make every workout count with this seamless integration.

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